ICT Health Checks – making sure your ICT is secure, reliable and offering the best learning environment for your pupils

  • Are you experiencing slow performance, instabilities or general issues with specific workstations and servers?
  • Are you considering upgrading your network infrastructure, not sure where to start or just looking for a non biased third party recommendation.

Experience has shown us that networks are put under more and more demand for capacity as technology advances, software demands become greater on hardware, changes in your curriculum needs and the addition of more mobile devices, such as tablets adds to the strain on existing infrastructures increases even further.

With this in mind, GROVETECH offers a ‘School ICT Health Check’ conducted by our expert technicians to provide you with a comprehensive, non biased assessment of your school’s current ICT state.

ICT Health Check Summary.

As a key element in your network, we will check it is error free and not at capacity.

Network infrastructure
Including wired and wireless, ensuring your network is performing at its best

We can offer ways to extend the usability of existing hardware or recommend new hardware to meet your school’s individual needs.

Review of your existing software and licences, identifying upgrades/updates, and recommending new software to improve your school’s efficiency and learning environment.

A thorough check on current backup procedures, anti spyware/malware programs, virus and firewall protection.

Interactive Devices
Are whiteboards holding orientation, general condition, projector bulb state and maintenance.

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