DNA’s technology can be an extra instrument in your safeguarding toolbox, the Keyword and Phrase Monitoring feature provides schools with an insight into what students are typing or searching for.


NetSupport Notify cuts through the distractions to communicate directly and immediately with users. A mass notification tool that helps support a school’s communication and lockdown procedures.”


Classroom software solution for schools. NetSupport School supports a teacher with a wealth of dedicated assessment, monitoring, collaboration and control features to ensure they can leverage the best from their ICT equipment.

GROVETECH has partnered with Netsupport to deliver the DNA, Notify and School suite of applications, enabling you to ensure that the children using ICT in your school, are safe and not viewing inappropriate internet information and resources. Building on the flexibility of a single solution for schools.

NetSupport DNA

With young children now spending more than twice as much time online at school and at home than they did a decade ago, and with the Prevent duty now being a legal requirement, there is now a greater need than ever to protect students as they use school technology.

eSafety and safeguarding are supported with keyword and phrase monitoring to alert schools of any online activity that may place a student at risk; internet monitoring of websites visited; the option for students to report concerns directly to trusted staff – and much more.

NetSupport DNA also includes energy monitoring; power management; USB endpoint security; printer monitoring; application and internet metering; a flexible alerting suite; and an easy-to-use software distribution module.

Keyword and Phrase Monitoring

The Keyword and phrase monitoring feature in NetSupport DNA is designed to provide a school with insight into and alerts from, any activity by a student that might suggest the child is engaged in activity that would place them at risk

A database of pre-supplied keywords and phrases is used covering a range of topics from self harm, bullying and racism through to risks of radicalisation. NetSupport works with national organisations including the Internet Watch Foundation to access the latest keyword databases as well as undertakes “in-school” consulting with students across age groups to access the latest trending terms used by young people.

The Review feature allows school staff to review each triggered word or phrase and see details including student name, PC and the time it was triggered. Teachers and Safeguarding Leads can print, save, email or take a screen grab of the results to forward to a colleague to follow up on – or, alternatively, mark the event as a false alarm. Phrases marked as ‘high’ priority include a screenshot, allowing staff to more accurately view the context. By selecting History, it will show which console users have viewed the event.

DNA provides the option to monitor keywords and phrases when students type text, copy text to a clipboard or when they search on the internet. Staff can also choose whether to exclude certain applications from monitoring to reduce the occurrence of false alarms.

dna keyword capture

Report a concern

Ensuring children can report a concern they might have is key to an effective safeguarding policy. The concept for the “report a concern” feature in NetSupport DNA provides an option on each School PC where any student can discreetly report a concern that they have to someone that they trust at the school. If they wish, students can also attach documents, and/or a screen grab to their report to evidence the details of their concern.

netsupport DNA School Safeguarding

Energy Monitoring and Power Management

Energy saving is a big area of focus for schools, and NetSupport DNA helps in two ways: First of all, NetSupport DNA checks to verify the powered-on state of all computers and its local monitoring component keeps an accurate record of each time a computer is powered on, off or hibernates. Once it knows the times of day each computer was operational, an average (and customisable) “power consumption per device” calculation is used, facilitating a baseline energy usage calculation for all computers.

With this information to hand, Power Management policies can now be set. Computers in selected classrooms can be set to automatically power off at a specified time at the end of each day and then power back on – all at once, or in stages – the next morning. In addition, schools can apply “inactivity policies”, allowing rules to be set for systems to be set to sleep, log out or power down if they have been inactive over a period of time.

NetSupport Notify

NetSupport Notify is the simple, low-cost one-way messaging and alerting tool that enables an administrator to communicate instantly with desktop users across any size or type of organisation.

Send routine notifications or urgent alerts to selected or all desktops (Windows, Mac or Linux) or large information panels from a Windows PC or Android/Apple iOS device.

Platform Flexibility

The need to deliver reliable and effective messaging across a campus has never been more essential. With staff and students potentially utilising a mixture of hardware and software and the use of unattended digital public information displays becoming commonplace, it’s good to know that a NetSupport Notify message can be received on all or selected systems with one single send.

From the school office, classrooms or on the move, with NetSupport Notify you can send notifications from a Windows desktop/laptop and, with our dedicated mobile apps, any Android/iOS tablet or smartphone.

Schedule alerts in advance

Routine alerts can be pre-scheduled for a fixed time and date in the future or be applied on a recurring basis – hourly, daily weekly etc. These are ideal for campus-wide events such as fire drills or routine IT system downtime.

notify alert

School, College or University Customisation

Alerts can be fully branded to include the logo and colours of your school or college to ensure immediate recognition by staff and students. A real-time preview ensures you can check the message before sending.

Emergencies – Get your message out there in an instant!

NetSupport Notify can be a vital communication tool during a school’s emergency and lockdown procedure and some integrate it as an official part of their emergency plans due to its ability to send a clear and concise message or instruction (maximum 500 characters) to all connected computers, specific users/devices or selected departments.

Each message can carry a priority level and a request for acknowledgment. The delivered message automatically takes screen focus on recipient computers and can be accompanied by an audible alert to ensure attention is gained (this can be repeated every five seconds just to make sure!). The message will be squared and centred on recipient desktops, with the option to display full screen on unattended displays.

Netsupport School

NetSupport School helps teachers and trainers improve the efficiency of ICT teaching by delivering a suite of tailored features developed with teachers, for teachers. Teachers and assistants can instruct students centrally to all their own devices; they can help maintain student focus by monitoring and controlling the use of apps, web sites, printers and more.

In addition, NetSupport School features a dedicated Technicians’ Console for overview and management of all devices across the school – and a monitoring app for Teaching Assistants to use in the classroom.

With a Tutor console, tablet apps for teaching assistants and software for every platform, NetSupport School is the most complete classroom software available. To ensure all classes remain up and running at all times, a dedicated Technicians’ Console is also included for the Network Manager and their team so they can see all PCs across the school, monitor systems and perform remote management when needed.

Classroom management

  • Power on or off and Log in/Log out all classroom computers from the teacher’s PC.
  • Blank all Student screens to gain attention and also lock the students’ mice and keyboards.
  • Automatically re-connect to students’ PCs if they are rebooted.
  • Use layouts of students on their screen to match the layout of the physical classroom.
  • Use individual teacher profiles to deliver the features needed by each teacher.
  • Use a one-click “Request Assistance” option from their toolbar if technical support is needed.

Application and internet monitoring

  • Monitor all student application and internet use.
  • View both foreground and background applications and websites.
  • Remotely launch or close applications or web pages on all selected PCs in a single action.
  • Record a full history of application and internet use for each student.
  • Allow only approved applications or websites to be used or simply prevent restricted ones from being opened.
  • Force SafeSeach on for supported search engines, preventing inappropriate content being returned within search results.

Classroom printer and device management

  • Prevent students from printing in the classroom.
  • Limit printer use by number of pages.
  • Require teacher authorisation prior to printing.
  • Prevent printers from being added, deleted or modified as well as managing access and use for each individual printer.
  • Display a real-time print indicator identifying which student is currently printing.
  • Show the number of paused print jobs requiring teacher attention.
  • Prevent data being copied to or from USB storage and CDR/DVD devices.
  • Prevent new network connections being created.
  • Disable webcams on classroom devices.
netsupport school

Multi Device Support

NetSupport offers its classroom management software across all of the leading platforms. We started 25 years ago as a Windows solution and, since then, we have added support for Mac and Linux PCs and, more recently, Android, iOS and Chromebooks.

We ensure that NetSupport School is compatible across all platforms in your school estate, so you can rest assured a teacher can connect to a full mix of students, each on different platforms, if they want to.

Real-time instruction (Show mode)

  • Show the Tutor’s desktop to all or selected students.
  • Show just a selected application to students.
  • Show a Replay file (previous screen recording video) to selected students.
  • Show a video to selected students.
  • Deliver presentations optimised for both wired and wireless classrooms.
  • Leave a recording of your Show on the student’s PC for future review.
  • Use Audio mode to speak to students during a show.