Data Encryption – Is it needed

Data is a critical part of every school and business organisation, but this most valuable asset often poses a huge risk when it travels or is transmitted beyond the corporate network.

With Endpoint Encryption from ESET you can meet your data security compliance obligations with a single MSI package, keeping your data secure, no matter where it is.


During 2013, the briefing for Inspectors document: Inspecting e-safety, Ofsted clearly states that personal data being unsecured and/or leaving the school site without encryption is an indicator of inadequate practice.

This is especially important where they are taken from the school premises and to prevent access to the information in case equipment is stolen.

Memory sticks are easily lost, and laptops are attractive to thieves.


The ICO recommends the use of encryption software to protect all portable devices and removable media, such as laptops and USB devices (or another form of memory storage not part of the computer itself), which hold confidential and personal information.


Do you do business in the European Union? The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force in May 2018, and introduces significant new penalties for organisations that fail to protect their users’ data adequately. One proven solution for data protection is encryption.

How can Endpoint Encryption help to meet compliance across all devices.

Encryption of all devices Ofsted ICO GDPR

Full Hard Disk Encryption

Encrypt the disks and partitions you need to

On-screen keyboard allows the encrypting of Windows tablets and convertible devices.

Transparent pre-boot security using FIPS 140-2 validated, 256 bit AES Encryption Encryption.

Remote user-password recovery.

Enhanced workstation screening prior encryption, including Safe Start mode

Fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 10, 8 and 8.1, with support for UEFI and GPT Support of Trusted Platform Module (TPM).

Removable Media

No extra space is reserved for encrypted content and the whole device capacity can be used by user.

Works with any USB drive, CD & DVD media

Files and Folders

Encrypt only the files and folders you require.

All files moved to encrypted folder are encrypted immediately


Transparent email encryption for Outlook through a dedicated plugin

The email can be decrypted only by recipients who share the same key as sender

Text and clipboard encryption works with any e-mail client, including webmail

How compliance requirements are met.

Below is information on how ESET Endpoint Encryption is able to overcome the compliance requirements, ensuring your data is safe and can not be used by unauthorised persons.


Endpoint Encryption function to achieve compliance

Portable devices (Laptops) should be encrypted. Full disk and file and folder encryption included.
Portable storage media (USB memory sticks, portable hard drives,etc) should be encrypted. Removable media and virtual disk encryption included.
Any device storing data and used outside of the secure location should be encrypted. Endpoint Encryption Reader and Go (included) allows secure access to encrypted data on a home PC.
Any data no longer required should be securely deleted. Endpoint Encryption Shredder (included) securely deletes documents and the recycle bin contents.
Data transmitted between systems and locations should be encrypted. Includes Email plug-in for fully integrated encrypted email and attachments.
Use an encryption solution that meets an accepted standard. FIPS-140-2 validated.

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