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Backup Anything, Anywhere

With our Cloud Backup solution – powered by Acronis – you’ll have the power of the world’s fastest backup solution enabling you to have comprehensive backup solutions, Backup anything and everything – disks, partitions, servers, data and more, securely — with the choice of a hybrid on-premise/cloud scenarios or backing up to secure UK hosted cloud with high compression and encryption support.

With backup media such as tape, CD and external hard drive proving unreliable, more and more schools, academies and businesses of all sizes are now turning to remote backup to improve backup quality and restore speeds, provide a higher level of disaster recovery, increase data security and ensuring that a backup is automatically taken on a regular basis.

By using off-site backups, your school or business can be safe in the knowledge that its data is protected from any natural disaster, human error or hardware malfunction.

Why use cloud based backup.

The use of cloud services in the UK continues to grow at a high rate, with more business and schools choosing to ship core services offsite recognising the flexibility and agility that cloud-based IT can bring.

Cloud based backup and disaster recovery services is one of the key areas for outsourcing to the cloud. grovetechMCB offers flexibility and scalability with cost savings that customers are demanding and the data becomes much easier to manage, search and retrieve.

Eliminate historic methods

Cloud backup solutions utilise resilient solid state / disk storage systems, making them more reliable than old fashioned tape based systems, also removing the reliance on human intervention in changing media.

Easy to implement and manage

Cloud backup solutions are all centrally managed from a simple to use internet based portal, enabling you to customise your backup requirements, check on the status and amend with ease, no matter where you are.

Key Features

grovetechMCB powered by Acronis Backup Cloud provides a secure and scalable offsite backup for any data type or any system.

The easy to use internet administration portal enables the restoration of files, configuration options, applications or systems to any hardware platform whilst enjoying the consistent protection of all running applications through Volume Shadow Services (VSS) support (including Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange Server).

Keeping your data secure.

Acronis Cloud Backup provides secure data access storage with industry standard AES-256 encryption.

Fast and flexible disaster recovery

Back up entire machines to ISO to recover them instantly, or backup volumes, directories, and individual files for more specific, efficient protection. Mix and match to provide cost-effective, protective services that meet your individual requirements.

Schedule Backup Routines

Automate your system backups based on schedules and/or specific events — For example: When systems are powered on / off or when users login / logout.

Windows & Apple Mac OSX Backups from any device


Back up your Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac systems, whether they are Workstations, VMs, or Servers – grovetechMCB cloud backup, powered by Acronis, allows you to deploy backup solutions that work in your environment.

grovetechMCB - Recover any devices

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