# Individual Mailboxes Managed
# Support Tickets Closed in 12 Months
# GB Customer Data Managed
# Computer Systems Managed


Visitor Management System

Using its simple to use, feature rich dynamic forms, Students, Visitors & Parents can quickly and easily record their visit.



Keep track and quickly report on all accidents and injuries that happen using our online secure and easy to use accident book.



Cloud based asset inventory management system, record and report on all your assets using our secure cloud portal.

Education IT support

Our highly skilled IT professionals can take responsibility for the ongoing maintenance and management of your IT network.
GROVETECH is constantly looking at the latest software and hardware IT developments to ensure every school and academy invests wisely in the most suitable solutions.

Business IT support

Tailored support services ensuring your business benefits from a reliable and secure infrastructure.
Our simple Managed IT plan allow you to outsource your internal IT support for a small monthly fee.

Additional Services


Cloud Backup

With our Cloud Backup solution – powered by Acronis you’ll have the power of a world renowned backup solution enabling you to have comprehensive and secure backup solution.

You can backup everything and anything ranging from, disks and partitions to servers and data, you also get the choice of a hybrid on-premises/cloud scenarios or backing up to a secure UK hosted cloud, with high compression and encryption support.



ASSETMANAGER – Our bespoke auditing and asset management portal provides a complete, accurate inventory to support your school or business.

This information becomes more critical for accountancy purposes, insurance policies and if you are looking at relocating or seeking to optimise on your investment.



Leading edge safeguarding tools from NetSupport for keyword and phrase monitoring, classroom management and notifications.

EXA’s Surfprotect, content filtering proxy ensuring a safe and secure learning environment, keeping the users safe from inappropriate content.



Endpoint encryption and security solutions from ESET, delivering high protection without impacting system performance.

Peace of mind IT support

Need IT services for your school or business? Contact GROVETECH today to see how we can help!

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