GROVETECH is constantly looking at the latest developments in IT for schools to ensure that our knowledge is current and forward thinking to insure that every school and academy invests wisely in the most suitable solutions the education environment.

With this in mind, we have developed a monitored and remote support service which can be tailored to an individual schools needs. So rather than paying for a person on site each week where you might not require it, you are able to have a fully monitored network infrastructure, which is maintained, updated and cared for as if someone was physically on site doing it.

Below is an overview of the services included in the solution, along with a list of options which can be bolted on to produce you own package.

Whats included in our monitored support packages

Leading Edge Monitoring Tools

We install leading edge MSP monitoring tools onto your servers, admin and teacher workstations and laptops, this enables us to monitor the health and state of the devices. The agents also enable deployment of applications, patches, update management and remote control so we can login and resolve issues whist you watch.

Remote Support Desk

A support helpdesk system is available to customers between visits, this enables you to receive help as required and have the piece of mind that GROVETECH is always on hand to help

Customised Patch Management

We monitor the patches and updates that should be applied to your servers and workstations, as we approve the patches for deployment they are scheduled to be downloaded and installed, this is all done out of hours so your usability is not effected. This also enables us to manage the rollout in a controlled manor so no loss of service is experienced.

Consultancy & Planning

We work with your school or academy to discuss future planning, government requirements, IT development and ensuring that the IT infrastructure is able to manage the curriculum requirements for the academic year(s).

Additional Services

You are able to tailor fit your support package around your needs, we offer a range of value add services and products which can further enhance your support offering.

On-Site Visits

Just because your support requirements were for remote / monitored support does not mean that you should not have the additional benefit of an onsite technician, as part of the support service you can either opt to have half or full days as you need them or block purchase time where you can use the time over the school year.

Cloud Backup

GROVETECH have their own UK hosted cloud backup service where you can store all your critical MIS / admin data offsite, the data is encrypted and uploaded to your own secure vault and can be restored in full, or single files as required. Data packages start from 10Gb upwards.

Hardware Procurement

We work with the leading edge channel suppliers so we are always able to get the best pricing for your ICT hardware needs

Microsoft Licensing

As an authorised Microsoft education partner we are able to setup and supply your open license agreements ensuring you are only billed for the licenses you actually need, at the discounted pricing available to the education sector.